Since many years, Centrolegno has been dealing for its customers with timber construction systems, offering excellent housing solutions that last over time. The Company, born from the experience of Centroisolante, which since 1978 operates as a professional reseller in the construction sector, has grown over the years to become a leader within the construction field of houses, overstructures and extensions of private and public buildings.
Attention to the quality of materials, experience and technical competencies are grouped together in a close-knit making a dynamic group of young and highly specialized professionals. We have a team ready to support the customer in every phase: from consulting to desing, until the realization, we are on the field with passion and expertise to really make the tailor-made house for your needs.
Centrolegno blended traditions and advanced technology using the oldest of materials as a new construction system. A logical and technically evolutionary process according to a know-how assimilated over time. This know how allows us to create a better final product compared to the old timber construction systems, keeping in mind high seismic, thermal and acoustic performances. Centrolegno prefers a flexible and versatile construction system so to shape your idea of ​​home as faithfully as possible.
We are here for your future: we help you to think of it, design it and make it happen.


The construction sector has developed in the last few years a considerable sensitivity for the environment protection with the consequent growth of a more environmentally friendly behavior both from producers and consumers. In this context is fundamental to avoid the energy dispersions of buildings, which are one of the major sources of energy waste on Earth. Over the years, measures have been taken to limit such dispersions, classifying Italian municipalities by climatic zones (Italian Legislative Decree No. 412 of 26 August 1993). Subsequently, with the Legislative Decree 311 of 29 December 2006, Italy has implemented the European Directive 2002/91 / EC which requires an energy classification for all buildings, this to try to improve the energy performance of homes. But besides regulatory obligations, we all play an important role. Having a conscience towards the future, as the planet we inhabit can endure our existence, means paying attention to constructive aspects too often obscured by aesthetic or minor choices. Our company has set itself this goal by making available to customers qualified technicians, collaborations with leading companies in the green building field and by providing the maximum support towards the most suitable solution for each specific case.
We firmly believe that building without the conscience of tomorrow, takes away the true meaning of what we are designing.


Choosing the right company to build your own home is essential. Choosing the right people is just as important. Our GROUP aims at all times to offer the utmost professionalism and maximum flexibility to all needs, selecting together with the customer the correct solution, combining fundamental elements such as quality and price.
Some good reasons to entrust US with the construction of your HOME:

Our CENTROISOLANTE GROUP has been dealing with buildings for over 30 years, over time we have acquired, without ever stopping to update ourselves, the highest skills in the construction field. Supported by the highest level of designers and technicians specialized in the field, we are able to guarantee the highest quality to the final product. Our GROUP is made up of professionals who are ready for daily confrontation on the building field, with the sole objective of reaching the best product at the right price.

Our Company aims to enhance its work through the quality of its finished product, taking care of all executive details from design to production. This attention to details is more important than the quantity of projects performed. A state of the art work always requires its realization times. Even a timber house, although faster than a house built with traditional systems, in order to be made a masterpiece requires its time.

Our realizations, in every aspect, follow and use very high quality building systems, certified and recognized by the major Research Centers in the field of timber constructions. Each work phase is carried out on site by following all the specifications from our Company and under the careful supervision of your Works Manager. Our staff is highly qualified and experienced, in compliance with all current safety regulations. We are aware and believing that the Italian culture of building, even a timber house, can make the difference on the final product.
Centrolegno until today has stood out on the market for the extensive ability in facing up all the diverse situations, always trying to find out the right solutions from desing to realization. We are organized to support the client and his trusted technician, also after having finished the project, on any need related to changes, maintenance works or anything else necessary.