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In recent years in Europe, the evolution of multi-storey building constructions has seen wood as an absolute protagonist, an ancient material that, thanks to its predisposition to adapt and evolve with new technologies, has been able to offer innovative solutions to meet new building needs.

In particular there is a growing use of the Xlam or CLT (Crossing Laminated Timber) construction system.
Solid cross-laminated timber panels whose structural characteristics have ensured and facilitated the realization of great architectural, urbanistic projects aiming at energy saving. Finally today, also thanks to new regulations, in Italy the first multi-storey projects are born and realized. Following the positive experience of Milan in Cenni street (4 residential 9 floors buildings), other interesting multi-storey projects have developed in our country.

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Our qualified technical department is always available with its concultative approach through all phases of the project development from design to construction, capable to perform preliminary feasibility studies according to current regulations (NTC2008) in collaboration with your technicians trust or with the appropriate regulators entities.


It is the most used material in history, wood accompanies man in his creations since ancient times. A constant presence in the development of civilizations throughout the world, both in the field of furniture and construction. For this reason, even today, timber constructing means choosing a resource that is abundant and renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting. A noble material with infinite virtues.


The solid timber elements CLT from Stora Enso are ideal for building and realizing with the power of innovation. Precious materials, versatile in use, which allow an environmentally friendly production and very simple installation techniques. A loyalty guarantee to your projects matching the highest construction requirements.

CENTROISOLANTE is a specialized building dealer since 1978 throughout the Marche region, boasts 2 offices with as many deposits of materials, both in Fano and in Jesi. Since the early 90s, it has specialized in green building and all dry construction systems, proposing natural insulating materials such as wood fiber, cork, cellulose fiber and sheep’s wool.

Since 1997 it has also dealt with wooden constructions, carrying out important works on its territory, combining its know-how on natural materials with the building system which, par excellence, uses this philosophy, wood.

In 2007, after years of proven experience in wooden buildings, CENTROISOLANTE wanted to give an evolution to its market and its ambitions, creating a company that could guarantee the market an even more widespread and specialized service, constituting CENTRALEGNO.


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