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In recent years in Europe, the evolution of multi-storey building constructions has seen wood as an absolute protagonist, an ancient material that, thanks to its predisposition to adapt and evolve with new technologies, has been able to offer innovative solutions to meet new building needs.

In particular there is a growing use of the Xlam or CLT (Crossing Laminated Timber) construction system.
Solid cross-laminated timber panels whose structural characteristics have ensured and facilitated the realization of great architectural, urbanistic projects aiming at energy saving. Finally today, also thanks to new regulations, in Italy the first multi-storey projects are born and realized. Following the positive experience of Milan in Cenni street (4 residential 9 floors buildings), other interesting multi-storey projects have developed in our country.

Centrolegno has just completed the 7-storey Hotel in Pesaro, the tallest hotel timber structure in Europe. The designers have succeeded, choosing wood and in particular using CLT (Xlam) solid panels, to obtain very high performances from every point of view:

fire resistance / earthquake resistance
durability over time / excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
speed and ease of realization
excellent costs monitoring during execution


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