It is the most used material in history, wood accompanies man in his creations since ancient times. A constant presence in the development of civilizations throughout the world, both in the field of furniture and construction. For this reason, even today, timber constructing means choosing a resource that is abundant and renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting. A noble material with infinite virtues.

Centrolegno uses wood as the main building material. Being a strong, light and rigorous material, it reduces to the minimum its own limits of use, allowing the designer and the final client to enhance their ideas and their expectations. This approach has made it an innovative and fundamental material for achieving important professional results. Highly resistant to fire and earthquake, wood is particularly suitable to be the building material for excellence.

Our decades of experience with the systems and with the products used for the construction sector allows us to better understand all the characteristics that the wood can guarantee. We exploit its infinite versatility: the choice of the different types can vary depending on the design or aesthetic need. We are able to offer the right product for every single project, ranging from glued laminated timber to solid fir, oak or larch wood.

After careful technical and performance evaluations, Centrolegno decided to use the most innovative system on the market for its own housing: the technology of solid cross-laminated load-bearing panels, known as XLAM or CLT (Crossing Laminated Timber). This choice derives from the high structural, thermal, fire resistance and seismic dissipation characteristics that these panels can guarantee and preserve over time. We have preferred to propose a modern, reliable solution with superior technical performances compared to the old construction systems.

CLT is an extraordinarily versatile material and can be perfectly combined with other building materials. Thanks to its remarkable ability to distribute the load along two axes, the CLT no longer sets limits in terms of architecture or buildings. It is precisely for this reason that it is increasingly used both in single and multi-family housing, and for the construction of industrial, commercial buildings and warehouses. A constantly evolving use: due to its excellent static, strength and quality characteristics, CLT is becoming an increasingly popular product for the construction of bridges, carports, small buildings, composite wood floors and many other sectors .